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What is a SeraphimGate?

So what is a SeraphimGate, exactly? It could be described physically, but that is just a boring list of boxes inside other boxes. We could diagram these boxes. Document the system and the configuration each requires to become part of a SeraphimGate system, but neither of those by themselves tells us anything about the real question. Why even make one? Why quit a well paying job making enterprise computer systems to hack together an armored network box? The answer to that is simple, because I can. SeraphimGate Systems is lucky enough to be a self financing crypto venture. This means that the primary development for the m100p is done with my own particular needs in focus.

I have never been content with any computer system. This is their great joy, there are always more capabilities to unlock, greater performance to be extracted. The idea of a SeraphimGate goes all the back to the days of 802.11b wireless. I had just purchased a beat up Pentium 3 system running Windows 2000 Pro. This was before my first ever computer job so, at that point in time, I was a 100% hobbyist. My favorite Indian restaurant happened to be located to a small, hole-in-the-wall computer repair shop. I was probably there more for the Tikka that day than computer equipment but the idea of sending out a thing called a "Local Area Network" across space time was too intriguing an idea to ignore.

So, after dinner, I got a D-Link router and a PCI wireless card. 40 min later I am loading web pages across thin air. It is magic, an impossible dream. Still there is an issue. Web pages are slow like I am back on a 56k Modem. I open a new browser window. I google "how do i make wifi faster."

And that is how it started. If you give a mouse a cookie it will want a glass of milk and if you give me a wireless card I will want to make it work better. If you let me do that for 15 years, always trying to make the systems I use better, always trying to find a better way to do things, you end up with the SeraphimGate m100p.

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